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Dear Students,

        Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, created through the merger of two distinguished institutions—Bursa University Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences, and Bursa Academy of Economics and Commercial Sciences—has been providing education and training since the academic year of 1982-1983. Presently, it comprises seven departments along with two English programs. As someone who understands both the sense of responsibility and the honor of being a part of and serving as the Dean of a prestigious institution with such a profound history, I aspire for your educational journey within our faculty to be embellished with a sense of pride and affection, alongside the academic and personal tools that will profoundly influence your entire life.

        It is an undeniable fact that university education marks one of the most crucial milestones in an individual's career trajectory. However, it is necessary to be aware of what kind of perspective a university process can create that does not pay due attention to human and social values and ethical principles and focuses only on vocational education. Therefore, it is important to consider university education from a broader perspective and ensure that it is more inclusive and guiding in individuals' professional and humanitarian adventures.

        In this regard, the most important goal should be to create a thought environment based on mutual respect and where a scientific and intellectual freedom prevails, both academically and intellectually. I have full faith that the integration of our faculty members, staff and students towards this purpose will enable the training of individuals who think, question, discuss and produce more, especially in accordance with the norms of a research university. 

        I greet you all with the pride and happiness of serving as the Dean of this institution, which has played a major role in my self-realization as a student, faculty member, and faculty member, and I wish you success in your entire educational life.

Prof. Dr. Kadir Y. ERYİĞİT

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