Student Research Board


No Name-Surname Duty
1 Prof. Halil SAĞLAM Head
2 Assoc. Prof. Gülçin TEZCAN Member
3 Assist. Prof. Cansu GÖRÜRGÖZ Member
4 Assist. Prof. Zeynep Ceren ÇELİK Member
5 Lect. İlhan KAYA Member
6 Lect. Seda ÜSTÜN Member
7 Prof. Züleyha ALPER Consultant Member
8 Prof. Güven ÖZKAYA Consultant Member
9 Assist. Prof. Sezer KAFA Consultant Member
10 Term Student Representatives Member


Student Research Board


The duties of the Student Research Board are as follows:

  1. Evaluating students' research topic proposals
  2. Evaluating students' scientific research within the framework of ethical principles and rules and making suggestions
  3. Guides research method selection and qualitative-quantitative data analysis
  4. Advising on the use of statistical analysis programs
  5. Providing opinions on the interpretation of scientific study data
  6. Providing expert opinion for researches to be published in the student journal
  7. Keeping information and documents confident on all matters that it evaluates, decides on and makes recommendations on ethical issues.

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