Education Model

Education period

The education period in the faculty is 5 (five) years. The student has to complete his education in a maximum of 8 (eight) years, without prejudice to the additional periods in Article 44 of Law No. 2547. During this 8 (eight) year period, the student's failure to re-register each semester, failure to pay the registration fee, absenteeism, or failure shall not lead to dismissal. Provisions of the relevant legislation are applied for deregistration.

Students who complete a part of the compulsory or elective courses or internships that must be completed during the education process by doing additional studies through domestic or international agreements at times outside the academic calendar specified in the planned education programs and who are successful, do not have to complete the 5 (five) year calendar period in order to graduate. These students need to complete the required 300 ECTS credit load, and their additional studies need to be approved by the Faculty Executive Board to graduate.

Language of education and teaching

Academic year

Each academic year consists of at least 32 weeks for each term.

Education-teaching model

Integrated Education-Training Model is applied in the faculty. Curriculum panels, problem-based learning modules, small group training, whose educational content is created based on course committees or internship programs, implemented simultaneously by the related disciplines of medicine and related humanities, applied together with horizontal, vertical, and in-depth integration. This education-teaching model, enriched with peer education and simulations, is based on passing the whole year. The courses are complementary to the previous year and prerequisite courses linked to the following year's teaching. A student who cannot pass a year cannot continue to the following year. The student repeats the courses he/she has failed during the academic year.

The Integrated Education Model of the faculty consists of 3 Phases;


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