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Definition: The logo of Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Dentistry was made under the logo of our university by its institutional structure and consisted of eight tooth silhouettes. The star-shaped geometric structure in the middle symbolizes the gums and evokes dental health with its robust and symmetrical structure. Tooth silhouettes are designed in white on a dark blue background. Navy blue represents education, seriousness, originality, and loyalty. Self-confidence, awareness of self-behaviors, and feeling of confidence are Navy blue indicators of education. The teeth are shown with a very pure native white color to exhibit a healthy structure. The turquoise writing band represents both the color of surgical uniforms and corporates with the color of our university.  The name of the university and faculty is written in Arial Black font with a thick and solid structure which surrounded on the band symbolized dental health. The institutional color of the Faculty of Dentistry is suggested as Turquoise.

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