Census Board
No Name-Surname Duty
1 Assoc. Prof. Gülçin TEZCAN Head
2 Osman ÇAM Member
3 Coşgun KOYUN  Movable Registrar


Census Board

 According to Article 32 of the Movable Property Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated January 18, 2007, and numbered 26407, Year-end movable counts of the consumer goods in our faculty's records and the fixtures, machinery, and devices in the units affiliated to our faculty, are determined by the counting board consisting of at least three people who are assigned by the expenditure authority, under the chairmanship of the movable registration officer himself or a person he will assign.


          The duties and responsibilities of the Census Board are as follows;

  1. The counting of the movables belonging to the public administrations is done at the end of the year, when the movable registration officials leave their duties, and at times and when deemed necessary by the spending authority.
  2. The counting of movables is made by the census board composed of at least three people, under the chairmanship of the spending authority or a person to be appointed, with the participation of the movable registration officer.
  3. Provided that the service is not disrupted during the census and necessary precautions are taken for perishable movables, entries and exits of movables can be stopped by the spending authority upon the request of the census board. It is the duty and responsibility of the census board to take the necessary precautions during the census.
  4. The census board primarily ensures that the transactions regarding the movables, which the movable registration officer states of being in the warehouse or for which the records have not been issued. However, they have left the warehouse, are not issued. After the "Amount in Warehouse" column of the Census, Report is filled based on the book records, the movables in the warehouses are counted, and the amounts found are recorded in the "Amount in Warehouse" column of the Census Record.
  5. After the warehouse counting processes are completed, the movables in common areas such as rooms, offices, departments, passages, halls, workshops, garages, and services are counted based on the Durable Movable Lists, and counting results are shown in the Census Minute. For movables that have been given to public officials with a movable delivery document for use, the information in the "Amount Given to Persons According to the Records" column of the Census Minute is taken into account without counting.
  6. If there is a difference between the amount in the count and the registered amount, the counting of the movables with a difference in their amounts is repeated once again. If it is different again, this amount is recorded in the "Excess" or "Missing" column.
  7. If the census board determine that the actual quantities of the movables are less than the registered quantities, the Proposal and Approval Minute of the Register and the Movable Transaction Receipt; If it is determined that it is more than actual quantities, the Movable Transaction Slip is issued, and the ledger records are compatible with the counting results.
  8. A copy of the issued entry and exit documents is sent to the accounting unit for accounting records.
  9. After the conformity of the records with the census results is ensured, the census board prepares the Movable Count and List Schedule. The table is signed by the census board and the movable registration officer. This Schedule and its annex, the census report, and the entry and exit documents prepared according to the census results, constitute the year-end account of the movable registration authority.

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