Department of Restorative Dentistry




Department of Restorative Dentistry is a discipline, aims to rehabilitate the dental hard tissues defects caused by caries or non-carious reasons using minimally invasive methods. In addition to preventive dentistry applications, it is a specialty that aims to treat the compromised aesthetics and functions of patients over the age of 15 in the light of new information added to the most scientific literature.

Conduction of caries prevention or management program for adult and elderly patients; direct amalgam and composite restorations for cavitated teeth by caries or traumatic fractures; indirect inlay-onlay restorations for posterior teeth;  esthetic enhancement procedures; diastema closure in anterior teeth with esthetic laminate veneers and direct composites; at-home and in-office type of bleaching procedures; treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity, post-core applications, repair and recontour of exiting restorations are performed in Restorative Dentistry Clinics.

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