Department of Periodontology

Aysun AKPINAR, Dt, PhD, Head
Associate Professor of Periodontology


Department of Periodontology is a field of dentistry that examines the soft and hard tissues surrounding the teeth. It investigates the diseases in these tissues and provides treatments for these diseases and the continuity of the healthy condition after treatment. Irregular brushing of teeth leads to an accumulation of the food residues around the teeth and results in creating a suitable environment for bacterial growth, which is called bacterial plaque. As a result of the precipitation of saliva, bacterial plaque causes periodontal diseases by forming dental calculus, and inflammatory damages appear in the gums and tissues supporting the teeth. Periodontal diseases can be treated easily and successfully when diagnosed at an early stage. Prevention or treatment of gum disease brings other benefits such as protecting natural teeth, providing more comfortable chewing, and better digestion. Periodontal diseases begin with gingivitis. In gingivitis, only the gums are affected. When gingivitis is treated, the inflammation in the gums disappears, and healing is observed. If left untreated, the disease may progress to periodontitis, causing damage to the gums and alveolar bone. The disease leads to swelling of the gums, redden, bleed, recede, lengthen the teeth, bad breath occurs, the teeth are displaced, their gaps are opened, and eventually the teeth are lost. Gum bleeding, one of the most important symptoms of gum disease and can be easily noticed by the patient, can sometimes occur spontaneously while brushing teeth and eating hard foods. However, gum diseases can reach advanced stages without any symptoms. For this reason, it is essential to visit the dentist at regular intervals.

Treatment services provided in our department:

- Oral hygiene training

- Tooth stone cleaning

- Subgingival curettage

- Periodontal abscess treatment

- Gingivectomy

- Gingivoplasty

- Frenectomy

- Flap operation

- Intraosseous implant

- Treatment of diseases of the tissues around the implant

- Gingival recession treatments;

   * Free gingival graft

   * Coronal sliding or sliding flap

   * Connective tissue graft

- Hypersensitivity treatment

- Hemisection

- Biomaterial application

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