Department of Pedodontics

Çiğdem Elbek ÇUBUKÇU, Dt, PhD, Head
Associate Professor of Pedodontics


The Department of Pedodontics  (the Department of Pediatric Dentistry) is one of the divisions of clinical sciences which perform academic research and provides pedodontist (pediatric dentist) degree in all maxillo-facial and dental disturbances and pathologies of children from infancy to the end of puberty. In the Department of Pedodontics, diagnostic, preventive, and treatment procedures are emphasized for dental caries in primary, mixed, and permanent dentitions and preserve the arch's integrity in case of tooth/teeth loss due to dental caries or dental trauma. A pediatric dentist conducts first oral examinations, preventive applications for dental caries, the necessary treatment and restoration of teeth requiring treatment, and the treatment and follow-up of teeth injury due to trauma. In addition, our clinic also offers space retainers using fixed and removable appliances.  The primary and permanent teeth which exhibit extreme erosion can be restored using strip crowns, prefabricated zirconia crowns, or stainless steel crowns. Removable appliances can be employed. Children also undergo orthodontic evaluation, interceptive and preventive orthodontic treatment in required cases. Treatment under general anesthesia is offered for patients who are too young and/or have cooperation problems and special needs. Current restorative materials, adhesive dentistry, and innovative treatment approaches are regularly researched and reviewed. The mission of the Department is to deliver appropriate education and training to the dentistry students about preventive procedures about dental caries, evaluation of dental caries risk, and differentiate between normal and abnormal development of human face and jaws. The vision of the Department is to create an educational and research environment in both national and international areas of research in Pedodontics. Due to its mission and vision, the Department has the values of universality, transparency, accessibility, and consistency and respects the human rights of patients and health professionals. 

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