BUU Faculty of Dentistry, which started its third academic year in education, organized an opening and white coat ceremony for its new students. Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim KILAVUZ, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. İrfan KIRIŞTIOĞLU, Prof. Dr. Ferudun YILMAZ, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry Prof. Dr. Halil SAĞLAM, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Dr. Ekrem KAYA, Dean of the Faculty of Education Prof. Dr. Salih ÇEPNİ, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof. Dr. Nurcan ÖZYAZICIOĞLU, businessperson İbrahim GÜLMEZ, representatives of non-governmental organizations, academics, students and their families attended to the ceremony.



Speaking at the opening ceremony, BUU Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim KILAVUZ emphasized that it was late for the Faculty of Dentistry to be opened within the University. Stating that it was their privilege to open the faculty two years ago after the work started in the previous administration period, Rector Prof. Dr. A. Saim KILAVUZ; "It was a significant shortcoming that our University, which is in such a great location, could not open a Faculty of Dentistry until today. Thankfully, we have been blessed.

We opened the Faculty of Dentistry and have been conducting educational activities for two terms. Things are not running at the desired speed in government institutions. However, when we look at the past, we see that this drag has disappeared. Impossibilities do not disappear all at once. We will overcome difficulties with willpower, perseverance, and determination. Hopefully, after five years, you will see a Faculty of Dentistry building and academic staff highlighted by Turkey. At this point, we would like to thank Mr. İbrahim GÜLMEZ, one of the valuable representatives of our business world. He did an excellent service. He takes on responsibility and will give us this building as a gift. God bless him. We hope it will set an example for other business people," he said.



Noting that serving humanity is a valuable virtue, Prof. Dr. A. Saim KILAVUZ underlined that they continue to work uninterruptedly to provide students with the best education. Highlighting that they want the students of the Faculty of Dentistry to receive education in much better conditions, the KILAVUZ said, "We ask for a little more patience. I hope the end of patience will be peace. I'm not saying this to mitigate the reaction of our students or our families. However, we are improving our conditions day by day. Tomorrow will be much better than today. Because this perseverance and effort continue to yield results." The KILAVUZ also addressed the parents of the students; "I would like to thank every one of you individually for sending such intelligent and hardworking children to our University. We do not doubt that our students will become well-equipped dentists at the end of their 5-year education. May their roads and fortunes are open," he said.


Starting his speech by explaining the opening process of the faculty and the continuing education and training activities, Dean Prof. Dr. Halil SAĞLAM, on the other hand, stated that although they are a new 2-year faculty, they have come a long way thanks to the qualified course models they have created. Explaining that they examined not only Turkey but also the top 10 Dentistry Faculties in the world during the establishment phase, Dean Prof. Dr. Halil SAĞLAM; "As a result of our research and investigations, we have succeeded in creating a unique Dentistry program for our University. The main topic of this program is the integrated education model. It is a program implemented in all Medical Faculties in Turkey. However, it is just beginning in the Faculties of Dentistry. We attach great importance to this model. We are trying to apply it with precision in our faculty. All the Faculties of Dentistry in Turkey will adopt this model as soon as possible.


Stating that the courses are evaluated in two main stages, science and values ​​education, Dean SAĞLAM said, "When our students graduate, they will have improved themselves not only in terms of professional knowledge but also socially. In addition, we have taken our elective courses out of the classical education model. We wanted our students to be able to take courses from different disciplines besides the field of dentistry. We have created a large number of elective courses outside the field. We brought the opportunity to do Clinical Practical Lessons in the 4th and 5th Grades. We have offered professional English courses for three years as electives to improve their English. We will be able to provide hands-on training at the Simulation Center. Since we are a Research University, we will pave the way for our students to conduct scientific research. Students will compile the data obtained from their research and write their articles. We want to create a faculty with a strong social aspect. Our students have established their clubs and have already signed many social responsibility projects. We are working hard to become a student-oriented faculty."

After the opening ceremony, Harvard University Frosty Institute Faculty Member Prof. Dr. The first lesson was given to the students by Alpdoğan KANTARCI. KANTARCI made a presentation titled "What awaits Dentistry in the 21st Century? "

The program ended with presenting certificates of appreciation to faculty contributors and wearing white coats to students.


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