General Requirements

     •  To be convenient in health.

     • Submission of the necessary documents without any missings until the deadline is vital.

     • To take the exam in the date, place and hour announced by the Social Science Institute and to be successful in the exam.

      Specific Requirements

    Candidates are expected to fulfil the following conditions in order to be accepted to the graduate programs (master and proficiency in art/doctorate):  

      • To have a degree bachelor degree (performance) in music (Performance) at State Conservatory or Music and Stage Art Faculties of the related department or major for String, Piano, Composition graduate programs,

       To have a bachelor degree in music field (instrument, composition, music education, musicology etc.) for those who will apply for Turkish Music Theory and Ethnomusicology master program

        To have a language examination grade accepted by the university

      • To have a minimum of 70 average points of undergraduate degree to apply for graduate pragram and 75 average points of graduate degree to apply for Proficiency in Art program (Doctor of Musical Arts).

        To get a minimum of 70 points for artistic background knowledge and in the performance of the entrance exam.

       • To get a total of 65 points over 100 for master program and 70 points over 100 for proficiency in art/doctorate program in the entrance exam. That point is made up of %25 of the interview and language exam point, %25 of the average graduation points and %50 of the performance point.

       The candidates perform their programs having memorized their pieces (except for string sonatas and contemporary pieces).  They present their background knowledge in the assesment of the other majors. 


P.S. : - The candidates will perform the entrance exam bringing their accompanier with them.
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