General Requirements

   •  To be convenient in terms of health.

   • To get the required grade in the University Entrance Exam (UEE) determined by the UEE Center if the student graduated from a high school other than a conservatory.

   •  Submission of the necessary documents for application correctly and without any missings until the deadline is vital.

    •  To participate in the admission exams announced by the Rectorate with the date, place and hour and to be succesful at the exam is vital.

      Specific Requirements

  •  To apply for programs;

   - Not to be older than 20 to apply for Strings, Winds and Percussion, Piano majors and than 25 to apply for Turkish Music major. If the student were not away from the state conservatory for more than two years after high school that age is not taken into consideration.

 • To be successful in the first step of the entrance exams where their musical hearing cognition, memory, basic knowledge and physical appropriateness are tested by a commitee.  Besides the candidates who take the exam for Strings Winds and Percussion, Piano majors are expected to have gained the background knowledge of general music culture, basic music theory, solfege, dictation and etc. At the same level with a graduate of high school in the conservatory.  (Students having completed high school education ın a conservatory successfully don’t have to take this exam)

  • In the second step of the entrance exams;

    - to have completed the whole State Conservatory high school curriculum in his/her major and perform as well as the undergraduate program requires in Strings, Winds and Percussion, Piano majors.

   -  to be successful in the performance and theory based exam which will be given to assess whether the candidates have the basic knowledge and skills for the Composition and Conducting major and whether they have the aptitude and creativity to be accepted for the undergraduate education. They will also be asked to present their compositions. (Both with partiture and playing it either live or from a recording.)

 - to have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills and to be succesful at the performance and theoritical tests for assesment is required for Turkish Music Major. They are also asked to play a piece with an instrument or perform it vocally.

  • The success grade is 70 over 100 in both the first and second step examinations. The grades are put into order in accordance with the branch. No student can be accepted with a grade below 70. (Even if there aren’t enough number of students.) Students with grades above 70 will be taken to substitute list. İf there is unoccupied quota these candidates will be registered.

P.S. :  - Students who were assesed as successfull at the entrance ability tests but who don’t have the required background to start the undergraduate program are offered prep class education. (The exemption test for prep class is given in three days following the entrance exams.)


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