There is no doubt that the background of a student is important in achieving goals at a high quality undergraduate program where artists (musicians) are trained. That’s why students to be accepted to such a program have to be well educated starting from an early age so as to improve and expand their musical abilities.

Therefore elementary level of the conservatory was founded in 1998 primarily in order to prepare for the undergraduate program. The elementary school  curriculum approved (confirmed) by the Ministry of Education offers both general and vocational education at the same efficiency and together.

Our elemetary school having approved lesson plans by the Military of Education has been in progress as Music and Ballet Secondary School in a renewed educational system since 2012. As the graduates of the school are provşded with both general and vocational educational programs athey can continue their education at Fine arts High schoolsand other high schools as well as State Conservatory high schhols.

The Secondary School students are taught artistic courses by the teaching staff of U.U.S.C. and are supported by various visiting artists who have gained worldwide success in music. Cultural courses are taught by instructors of our university who are efficient and experienced in their subjects.

Main courses are thought in 15-20 student classrooms proper for the education whereas individual practices are performed in private study rooms. This enables undergraduate students to improve themselves studying to become young artists.

State Conservatory Music and Ballet Secondary School Music Department offers training in  three main majors;

  • Strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass)
  • Wind Instruments and Percussions ( flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone and percussions).
  • Piano (piano and harp)

The program provides fulltime education in all three majors and part-time education in Strings (violin, viola, cello) and Piano in elementary level. The part time program for the first step elemetary school students offers some vocational lessons related to music. This program provides facilities for string and piano majors. Requirements to study in the Secondary School are explained in the related page.








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