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     General Requirements

   •  To be convenient in terms of health (able to play an instument in terms of physical conditions)

   • Submission of the necessary documents without any missings until the deadline is vital.

   • To take the exam in the date, place and hour announced by the Rectorate and to be successful in the exam.

      Specific Requirements

   •  The candidate is expected to have graduated from a Secondary School to apply for the 9. grade of our high school.

    •  In the first step of the exam, musical ability, hearing cognition, memory, music backround and physical appropriateness of the candidate are tested by the committee. (graduates of a corresponding secondary school don't have to take this first step exam.)

   • In the second step the candidate is expected to have completed the music repertoire of a secondary school conservatory and to perform well enough to be selected for the applied department. (The assesment is done by the committee concerning the performance and efficiency required by the branch of art the candidate applied for.)

   • To make a positive impression in the interview in terms of music education and to reflect the required characteristics of the profession (physical, mental and psychological…etc.)

   • In the first and second steps of the exam success grade is 70 over 100. Successful candidates are ordered in a list in accordance with their grade for different majors. The ones who have taken below 70 will not be short-listed by no means whatsoever.

   Note: The students who have received the right to register will supply their own instruments.


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