Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management (IPM), following the identification and determination of the biology of existing pests, by using all pest control methods such as biological, physical, cultural and chemical control in harmony with each other in a way that minimizes the risks in terms of economic, environmental and human health, it is necessary to reduce the level of pest populations and the level of economic damage. It is called the whole of holding work.


Biological Control

It is the struggle made by protecting (PROTECTION), or increasing (REPLICATION) the effectiveness of living pressure elements (natural enemies) existing in nature on harmful insect populations, or releasing those that are not present in nature (IMPORT) into nature.


Biotechnical Control

Biotechnical methods are methods that disrupt the biology, physiology and behavior of the targeted pest species by affecting these properties. In other words, it is a struggle using attractants and trap systems, pheromones, hormones, repellents, feeding and laying inhibitors.


Entomopathogenic Nematodes

Entomopathogenic nematodes (EPN) are a soil-based living group called threadworms in Turkish, which must complete their biological period in the insect's body and cause the death of that insect in the meantime, and are in a symbiosis relationship with a bacterium in their digestive system. Its use in biological control is increasing day by day.



Substances secreted by an individual to the outside of the body and which, when perceived by other individuals of the same species, cause a specific reaction in the receiving individual. Pheromones are used by insects for feeding, mating, defense, hiding, escaping, etc. effective in determining their behavior.



The interaction of organic and inorganic pesticides with harmful and beneficial insects, the physiological systems involved in the interaction, the mechanisms of action of pesticides, their biological activities, etc. It is a branch of science that studies subjects.

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