The vision of the Plant Protection Programme; To be a program that is constantly developing, contributes to the solution of plant protection problems at the regional and national level, produces knowledge at the international level, is shown as an example with the people it raises and the knowledge it produces, and to be a member of which is honoured, together with contemporary and quality education.

Mission and Principles

To provide qualified education that raises patriotic individuals who are equipped with contemporary knowledge on plant protection problems and solutions at the national and international level, have sufficient experience, have developed research and problem-solving skills, are able to lead their environment, internalize Atatürk's principles and revolutions, and provide regional and national plant protection. It has undertaken to seek solutions to its problems in universal standards, to reach information in this context, to produce information, to apply and disseminate it.

Prof. Dr. I. Alper SUSURLUK
Head of the Department

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