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Welcome to Uludag University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection.

Phytopathology and Entomology branches, which form the basis of Plant Protection Science, are some of the most up-to-date subjects of agricultural sciences. There are many current problems related to plant protection science at the national and international level and there is a need for solutions for these problems.

Our department continues its education and research activities within the framework of its quality culture and the vision and mission it has adopted. The most important point we pay attention to in the educational activities we carry out is that the courses we give in undergraduate and graduate programs are compatible with similar departments in developed countries, on the condition that the conditions and realities of our country are primarily taken into account. With this understanding, we aim to provide undergraduate and postgraduate graduates who know the plant protection problems existing in their country in globalizing world conditions and can produce solutions to these problems with an international perspective.

Our compulsory preparatory class, which we have created for our students who will choose our department for undergraduate education, is a product of the principles we have explained above and will give our students privileges in their professional lives.

Our department currently has ERASMUS agreements that we have signed with four reputable universities, three in Italy and one in Germany. Within the framework of these agreements, we have the opportunity to send many of our students abroad to continue their education for one semester. So far, many of our students have benefited from these agreements and have increased their professional knowledge and experience. In addition, they had the opportunity to meet culturally and socially with students studying within the framework of similar programs in European Union countries.

We are very happy that our students who graduated from our department have the qualifications sought in both the private sector and public institutions with the knowledge and professional experience they have gained and that they are preferred as a priority. Our graduates have the opportunity to find employment in different sectors of agriculture. Some of these sectors include pesticides, seeds, seedlings, nurseries, greenhouses, floriculture, fresh fruit and vegetable exports. Most of these sectors are the fields in which international companies operate and have the potential to become even more important in the future. In addition, our graduates have the chance to do their own business as pesticide dealers. Examples of our graduates can be viewed at the career link.

In the light of this information, I would recommend students who want to study in agricultural sciences to study in our department and I would like to state that we will be very happy to be with them in their undergraduate education.

Prof. Dr. I. Alper SUSURLUK
Head of Department

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