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Plant Protection Department, being part of the Faculty of Agriculture of Uludag University, continues to carry out training and teaching activities at the departmental level and offers BSc, MSc, and Ph.D. programs. Plant Protection Department consists of two main disciplines, Entomology, and Phytopathology.  The Entomology subdivision is involved in research on the identification and biology of insect pests, mites, and nematodes of agricultural crops as well as the development of the most appropriate control methods against them. The Phytopathology subdivision focuses on biotic (fungi, viruses, bacteria, etc.) and abiotic factors that cause plant diseases and the alternative, novel ways of controlling them.

The projects carried out by academicians in our department are supported by the European Union Funds,  The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), and the Uludag University Scientific Research Projects Commission, in order to develop solutions to the current problems in the fields of Entomology and Phytopathology.  Our academic personnel is involved in collaborative studies with scientists from the United States of America, European Union Countries, and Israel who has similar interests, and the informatioýn obtained is shared not only in our country but also in the international area. We have many bilateral agreements with prestigious universities and research institutions in these countries.

The Plant Protection Department was established in 1981 by Prof. Dr. Necati BAYKAL and Prof. Dr. Bahattin KOVANCI. Plant Protection Department is currently composed of 5 professors, 2 Associate Professors, 1 Assistant Professor, and 2 Research Assistants.

Plant Protection Science is one of the most yielding fields in increasing the quality and quantity of crop production, and it is an area where the most current information is required both at the level of growers and at the level of technical staff and researchers.  All courses instructed in our department at the Undergraduate and Graduate (MSc and Ph.D.) programs include current topics in agricultural sciences.  Courses in our department match the courses in the fields of Entomology and Phytopathology in the United States.  Graduates of our department are employed by the public and private sector organizations, and especially demanded by the agricultural pesticide sector.
We continue our activities according to our mission and vision as a direct result of our quality notion.

The vision of the Department of Plant Protection is to "advance the knowledge of solutions to the plant protection problems at the regional and national level, to produce information and know-how at the international level, to be an ideal model with our well-trained students and the novel information and technologies developed by our staff, and to be a productive department whose members are proud of its education and training activities.

Mission and Principles 
Our mission is to train up students equipped with up-to-date knowledge and information in order to provide solutions to the national and international plant protection problems and to give them sufficient experience, advanced research, and problem-solving abilities with leadership skills.  Our highly-qualified education, which is committed through Ataturk's principles and revolutions and driven by the urge to raise patriotic individuals, seeks universal solutions in regional and national plant protection problems, and to generate information in the fields of Plant Pathology and Entomology, spread this information and to apply the knowledge gained under laboratory and field conditions.

Prof. Dr. İ. Alper SUSURLUK
Head of Department

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