Waste in 2020-2021

Waste Management at the Campus

The Zero Waste Project in Turkey initiated by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in 2017 has evolved into a nationwide campaign over the past four years. Zero waste regulation was published and started to be applied by the public institutions in Turkey. The criteria to be awarded the Zero Waste certificate was set by the ministry. Bursa Uludag University fulfilled these criteria, which are as follows: 

Bursa Uludag University fulfilled the criteria of the Zero Waste project and received the Zero Waste certificate. O special Waste Division was established to manage the recycling program within the campus. The Zero Waste Project run by the university is developing day by day with many recycling programs within the campus.

Bursa Uludag University has an agreement with the district municipality. The district municipality arranged a local recycling company, which is licensed by the ministry, to receive the recyclables collected by the university. All students, academic and administrative staff, and visitors use recycling bins, which allow distinguishing between organic waste and recyclables (plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, etc.). Recyclable waste is received by the licensed company, separated, and treated into raw materials to be used. 

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