Mission and Vision


As Bursa Uludağ University School of Foreign Languages ​​(BUUSFL) our mission, using innovative technologies in a student-oriented and communicative environment, is to support our students in acquiring foreign language skills, which they will need for their academic studies and future lives. In addition, our institution aims to motivate our students to continue their language learning processes throughout their lives and to encourage cooperation between students and instructors in order to reach more effective language learning practices.


Our vision as Bursa Uludağ University School of Foreign Languages ​​(BUUSFL) is to provide a perfect environment that allows our students to develop their own learning independently of any language programs and that will help them gain student-centered, collaborative and creative learning skills by using new teaching techniques.


Common Mind and Participation: To ensure that the employees participate in management processes at all levels by protecting their individual characteristics and ideals, and to value the opinions and thoughts of all shareholders

Commitment to Ethical Values: To pay attention to legal, scientific and moral values ​​at all times, in all tasks

Respect for Social Values: To be respectful and sensitive to universal and social values ​​as well as our employees and all stakeholders within the framework of our university's duties and responsibilities

Respect and Sensitivity to the Environment: To be a pioneer for environmental protection, sustainability and improvement

Transparency: To ensure that all rules and practices are known and followed by all stakeholders

Lifelong Education: To enable individuals to discover their own learning methods and continue their language development

Responsibility: To accept all practices in all aspects while performing their duties towards all stakeholders

Collaboration: To prioritize team work in any environment

Standardization: To ensure that all stakeholders benefit equally and /or are responsible for all internal practices

​​​​​​​Non-Discrimination Policy

Our school is committed to the principle of equal opportunity and equal treatment in education and employment. BUUSFL respects all individuals without any discrimination of gender, religion, national and ethnic origin, race, color, physical disability, physical appearance, marital or parental status in the administration of its educational, admission and employment


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