To graduate from the Art History Undergraduate Program, you must take all the courses listed in the table below and complete 240 ECTS. These lessons are; compulsory courses, vocational elective courses and non-field elective courses are in three different categories. 
Along with the compulsory courses specified in the table below, the student has to take two vocational elective courses (within-field elective) in both terms of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades. 
In addition, they have to take 4 non-field (general elective) courses with a total of 16 ECTS, one in each semester of the 3rd year and one in each of the 4th grade. These non-field elective courses can also be completed in the same semester.
Department courses start with the SAT code, the code of the course starts with the number of the class it belongs to. (For example, the 1st year Ottoman Turkish I course carries the SAT 1088 code, the 2nd year Ottoman Turkish Texts I course carries the SAT 2088 code).
The last digit of the codes of the courses belonging to the fall semesters is odd, and those of the spring semester are even. Please check this table in each course registration period. From this table, you can follow which compulsory courses, how many in-field and how many non-field elective courses you need to take in which semester. You CANNOT GRADUATE until you have taken all of the compulsory courses, in-field elective and non-field elective courses, completed the ECTS required for graduation, and provided the minimum GPA. It is the student's responsibility to follow them. If you need help during this process, you can contact your advisor. For questions and problems related to the courses, you should contact the lecturer directly. You can find the e-mail addresses of the faculty members in the Academic Staff Section of the Student Directory.
It is highly recommended that you choose the e-mail address that the school has defined for you and introduce yourself when e-mailing your teachers.

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