Switzerland-Europe Mobility Programme

Switzerland - European Mobility Programme

Switzerland-European Mobility Program
the Swiss Government's decision on September 19, 2014 in Switzerland, has resigned from the Erasmus + program. However, although the program countries, the Swiss Government is applying its mobility program.

staff education and training courses provide students with universities we have contracted to receive training and activities are carried out. The Swiss government is making payments to students and staff from his own country.

Mobility budget is as follows:

education and training, the students from Turkey to students who will go to Switzerland 420.00 CHF (Swiss Franc)
Turkey personnel receive training and teaching staff within the scope of which will go to Switzerland to grant day 170.00 CHF, 400.00 CHF travel costs will be paid.
Program applications will be the date to be announced by our office.

We contracted universities and sections:

1. University of Bern - CH BERN01

Archaeology section 5 students (BS, MS, to PhD) and 1 is suitable personnel exchanges. B2 (min.75 points) German language knowledge is desirable.

2. University of Lausanne - CH LAUSANN01

Archaeology student section 2 (for MS and PhD) and is suitable for one personnel change. B2 (min.75 points) French language is desirable.

3. Pädagogische Hochschule Schwyz (PHSZ)

Elementary students in section 2 (licensing) and is suitable for one personnel change.

4. University of Teacher Education Lucerne - CH LUZERN02

2 students in Primary Education Sciences section (for BA and MS) and is suitable for 2 personnel exchanges.

5. Pädagogische Hochschule Zug - CH ZUG01

Elementary students in section 2 (licensing) and is suitable for one personnel change.

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