Invitation THM Summer School 2024 | Application now open

THM University of Applied Sciences would like to invite students to participate in Summer School on Hydrogen Technology & Renewable Fuels as well as Vehicle Powertrain & Body Engineering from July 25th - August 18th 2024. The application period is now open. The places are limited.

The content of the two courses are aimed at undergraduate students in the field of Mechanical Engineering & Energy Technology who are interested in the topics. The Summer school is free of charge for students from our partner institutions and may award 10 ECTS. There will only be a small participation fee for the social programme.

During the two interactive courses, students will experience close contact to German students and companies as well as experts in the field. There will also be a  German Language Crash Course and cultural immersion, such as field trips to a variety of regional cities and a fun social programme.

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*Duration:*25 July - 18 August 2024.

*Application deadline: 31 January 2024.* If there are free spots remaining after the deadline, later applications are accepted.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact THM Summer University,




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