Campus Water Management

Campus Water Management

Bursa Uludag University’s wastewater line is connected to the city’s sewerage system of the West WWTP. Bursa Water and Sewerage Administration (BUSKI) is responsible for the management of the plant. The plant was designed according to the modified five-stage Bardenpho process. The treatment process includes screening, grit removal, selector tank, and anaerobic–anoxic–aerobic–anoxic–aerobic tanks (a five-stage Bardenpho process) accompanied by a subsequent clarifier. The sludge treatment consists of sludge screening and homogenization followed by mechanical thickening and dewatering, and lime stabilization. The treated wastewater is discharged into the Marmara Sea. Unfortunately, there is no recycling program for the wastewater generated by the university.

Water discharge standards were defined by BUSKI and can be found in the following links:

Water Discharge Criteria:

BUSKI Discharge Directive

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