BIYOGEM (Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Society)

Our Purpose:

The main purpose of the Bursa Uludağ University Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering student community is for the students studying in different disciplines at the university in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering, one of the strategic activity areas that have come to the fore in recent years in our country as well as all over the world. Our other purpose is to organize research, publication, and training programs by bringing together the world, to guide the formation of a biotechnology ecosystem, to develop cooperation with national and international biotechnology student societies, and to act as a bridge between the university and the industry.

Our Fields of Activity:

  1. Research, review, develop and apply in biotechnology and genetic engineering.
  2. To encourage interdisciplinary graduate and doctorate studies in biotechnology and genetic engineering.
  3. Creating a Biotechnology and genetic engineering ecosystem, establishing communication infrastructure and data banks.
  4. Preparing joint projects with students studying in different disciplines of the university on biotechnology and genetic engineering, and guiding them to participate in national and international competitions in the field of biotechnology.
  5. Biotechnology Developing collaborations and preparing projects with domestic and international student clubs/communities on genetic engineering and genetic engineering.
  6. To contribute to national and international knowledge by organizing courses, seminars, workshops, congresses, and symposiums on biotechnology and genetic engineering.
  7. Preparing bulletins and web pages in the fields of biotechnology and genetic engineering.

Study Subjects and Related Fields:

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