1. I got into Bursa Uludag University. How can I register?

Candidates who have the right to register to our university with YKS can complete the registration process; They can do it from the address  between the dates specified by OSYM. By entering this address with the E-Devlet password, they can complete the registration process from the 'University E-Registration' tab under the 'Higher Education Council Presidency' heading at the end of the page to be opened from the 'E-Services' tab. After registration, a document must be obtained that the registration has been made. Students who complete the registration process with this method do not need to come to our University or bring any documents related to registration.

  1. I cannot register. What can I do?

The registration process of the candidates who cannot make the E-Registration process through E-Government will be made between the dates specified on our Web page at our University.

  1. Do I need to come to the university to register?

If you have registered from e-Kayıt and have printed out the document showing that you have registered, there is no need for them to come to the university for registration.

  1. In cases like, "I forgot my automation password, my password is wrong, etc". What should I do to enter the system?

You can renew your password by sending an e-mail to our faculty address.

  1. How do I register for a course?

Course registrations will be made with the passwords given to you through the automation system between the dates specified in the academic calendar on the web page of our university. Students are responsible for all software and registration renewal works for the courses and are obliged to do these procedures themselves. Before the start of each semester, after paying the tuition debt, if any, within the periods specified in the academic calendar, the student selects the courses to be taken in the semester through automation and approves the courses he / she has selected and converts them into final registration. Announcements on the subject are made on the web page of our University during the process.  You can send an e-mail to address for course registration procedures that cannot be completed.

  1. What do YANO and GANO mean in academic success averages?

YANO: Semester academic grade point average,

GANO: Refers to the Cumulative Grade Point Average.

The most recent success coefficient taken in repeated courses is used. As of the end of the semester/year in which the student is enrolled, the untaken courses specified in the curriculum are not included in the average calculations when determining YANO or GANO.

  1. What is AKTS?

(European Credit Transfer System) It is the value that indicates how much study the relevant course requires according to the total study time required to complete an academic year full-time in any higher education institution.

  1. How many AKTS courses can I take in a semester?

For students with a GANO between 1.80-1.99, the semester AKTS credit load is 30 AKTS

For students with a GANO between 2.00-2.99, the semester AKTS credit load is 40 AKTS and for students with a GANO of 3.00 and above, the semester AKTS credit load is 50 AKTS.

Students with a GANO below 1.80 cannot take new courses. In order to increase the grade, students in this situation can re-enroll in the courses of the previous years, provided that they start from the courses they have failed and do not exceed the semester AKTS load.

  1. What should I do for the registration freezing process?

You must apply to our faculty with a petition stating your excuse within 10 working days after the start of the academic year. The said petition is decided by the Faculty Administrative Board.

  1.   When are the applications for undergraduate transfer made?

The transfer application calendar is announced on the website of the Registrar's Office approximately 1-1.5 months before the start dates of the Fall and Spring semesters announced in the academic calendar.

  1.   Where can I find the course contents?

The course plans of all degree programs can be accessed from the "Information Package" tab on the University and Faculty pages.

  1.   Does the department have a Minor and Double Major program?

In our faculty, there are Minor and Double Major Undergraduate Program applications.

  1.   Do I have to take the ''Conditionally Passed'' (DD – DC) courses?

No, you do not have to retake the conditional passing courses if you do not want to. However, if your GPA is not at least 2.00 when you reach the graduation stage, you must increase your GPA by taking one of these courses in order to graduate.

  1.   When are the exams being held?

The dates on which the mid-term, end-of-semester, make-up and supplementary exams will be held are specified in the academic calendar. The exam dates and times of the courses are determined by the relevant academic unit and announced on the web page of our Faculty and on the web pages of the Department.

  1.   What is the contribution of the midterm exam to the success grade?

Midterm exams, homework, seminars, laboratories and similar studies carried out during the semester/year are considered as in-semester studies and their contribution to the letter grade is 40%. The contribution rate of other studies is determined by the instructor.

  1.   What is the contribution of the final exam to the success grade?

The contribution of the final exam to the letter grade is 60%.

  1.   How many points are required to get at least from the Final Exam?

It is obligatory to get at least 50 points out of 100 in the final exam. Students who do not take the final exam or who cannot get at least 50 points from this exam are not included in the midterm exam and the students in this situation are given an FF letter grade.


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