Institute of Social Sciences, graduate level education based on the Master and PhD education in order to perform the 2547 Higher Education Council (YOK.) Which was established in accordance with Article number 19 depending on the Rector of Uludag University in 1982. 1982-1983 academic year, the organization completed the Institute, as well as to the adaptation of the former students, has started its operations by opening a new of science of Master's and Doctoral programs.

         The goal of the institute is senior to make scientific knowledge and produce technologies to support national development to our and our development and in various scientific organizations, enterprises and institutions involved or plan to purchase university graduates to train at Master's and Doctoral level.

       The institute manager, deputy head of the department institutes and institutes created by the Institute Board directors, deputy directors and is a member Institute Administrative Board, consisting of 3 teaching duties.

      Our Institute; Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences 7, Theology 3, 7 Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Law 2, 2 department in İnegöl Faculty of Business Administration; Faculty of Fine Arts at 2 and a total of 21 departments, including the majors at the Conservatory of 1 There are 3 majors.

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