Documents and other materials required for graduation:

  1. One pair of signed hardcover thesis (The thesis approval page must be signed, the academic plagiarism report must be signed by the advisor and the student, and a CV is required for the doctoral theses).
  2. Thesis Data Entry Form (Received from E-DEVLET-YÖK application and signed).
  3. Discharge Certificate obtained from the Library and Documentation Department.
  4. Two CDs with the complete thesis in PDF format.
    • The thesis should be prepared as a single PDF file.
    • The PDF should not contain personal information (signature, phone number, e-mail, date, and place of birth) including the thesis approval page and plagiarism report.
    • Files must be unzipped and unencrypted.
    • One CD should contain the author's name and surname (Example: Name_Surname_.pdf) and the other CD should contain the reference number found in the YÖK thesis data entry form (Example: 123456789.pdf).

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