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Bursa Theology Educatıon Center (Bilem)

Bursa Theology Education Center (BİLEM), affiliated with the Bursa Theology Foundation, carries out activities for undergraduate and graduate students studying at Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Theology. These activities are mentioned below.

a) To conduct scientific and practical research in the field of theology,

b) To support scientific research,

c) To organize activities such as courses, seminars and conferences that supplement the theology curriculum in line with the academic needs of Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Theology in undergraduate and graduate education,

d) To help Bursa Uludag University Faculty of Theology to supply the needs of social facilities such as dormitory, library, guest house, etc.

e) To engage in knowledge activities by cooperating with research and education centers and NGOs operating in the national or international arena,

f) In line with the long-term goals of our country, our aim is to contribute to the training of qualified scholars by considering the need for academic staff of our Faculty and other institutions providing higher religious education and training, and by combining our ancient heritage and today's academic knowledge.

Bilem TV

BİLEM TV is the digital education channel of the Bursa Theology Education Center (BİLEM). It started broadcasting on YouTube on March 19, 2020. It aims to present accurate and reliable information on religious issues to society with the contributions of academics who are experts in the field of theology.

Düşünce Feneri

Düşünce Feneri is the publishing platform for the Bursa Theology Education Center (BİLEM). Düşünce Feneri includes writings on knowledge, ideas and art. The purpose of Düşünce Feneri is bringing the reader up to date with current writings by scholars in Turkey.

Bursa Theology Foundatıon (Bursa İlahiyat Vakfı)

The aim of the Bursa Theology Foundation is to assist and support the Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Theology in educating research students and staff with high moral qualities, sound-minded, qualified in the fields of religion-knowledge (ʿilm) arts in accordance with the special purposes of theological teaching, in learning and teaching İslamic knowledge in real terms and all aspects, and to enlighten society about religion.

Bursa Theology Foundation helps the Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Theology by supporting its needs such as the teaching building, seminar hall, library, conference hall and mosque; encourages scientific research in its field; organizes seminars, conferences and symposiums; and supports students and staff who participate in education programs or scientific activities in Turkey and abroad.

Another very significant contribution of the Bursa Theology Foundation is its support our faculty library, which aims to be a rich specialized library in theology, by providing domestic and foreign resources. The faculty library serves academic staff, university students and researchers as one of the most important libraries of Bursa with its number of books nearly to sixty thousand. The Foundation undertakes all kinds of book purchases and reproduction in order to supply the needs of the library, and procures publications in religious, philosophical and cultural fields published in Turkey and abroad.

Faculty Groups

There are 163 student groups within Bursa Uludağ University. These communities are active in the fields of sport, science, vocation and culture. There are 22 student groups specific to the Faculty of Theology. Groups active in knowledge fields such as Fiqh, Hadith, Tafsir and Recitation contribute to the vocational and knowledge development of students. Groups such as the International Society of Theologians, the Balkan Students' Society, and the African Society are active in the international arena. Groups that work on a voluntary basis such as Sisterhood and Brotherhood, benefit the cultural and moral development of our students in terms of social solidarity. During the academic year, our societies organize panels and meetings with competent figures in our country and internationally on different topics.

Journals Publıshed By Our Faculty

Our faculty has three different publications, namely, Uludağ Üniversitesi İlahiyat Fakültesi Dergisi, Ilahiyat Studies and Oksident, which cover research in the field of theology and social sciences. These journals present important studies in the field of religious sciences and Islamic sciences to the academic world with the contributions of Turkish academics, as well as academicians from all around the world.
A Faculty Who Opens Its Doors To The World

Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Theology, which has an international student density, hosts students from various parts of the world to receive undergraduate and graduate education. The majority of these students are from the Balkans, Central Asia and Middle East countries, which have cultural and historical connections with our country.
Natıonal And Internatıonal Exchange Programs

There are Erasmus, Farabi and Mevlana programs in our faculty. Within the framework of these programs, there is student exchange between universities both in our country and in foreign countries. Our faculty has agreements with some universities of countries such as Germany, Finland, Romania, Macedonia, Hungary, Ireland, Kosovo, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Pakistan within the scope of Student and Instructor Exchange Program. In this context, student and academic staff exchange are made every semester.





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