Mission & Vision

Our Vision

Our primary vision is to be a respected faculty of theology which can produce solutions for the spiritual and social problems of our age and aims to improve spiritual evolutions of the individuals within the scope of Qur’anic and universal values and also leads scientific and social responsibility activities in Turkey and the world.

The students, who are trained in our faculty under the guidance of expert academic staff, work as religious officials, teachers and researchers all around the world and make a contribution to the world of science with qualified researches and publications.

Our Mission

The main mission of Bursa Uludağ University Faculty of Theology is to raise virtuous religious officials, teachers, researchers and academic staff who can learn and teach the religion from its original sources, enrich their intellectual minds with the authentic sources offered by Islamic tradition, contribute to the society’s spiritual development with the awareness of their own cultural heritage, benefit from the knowledge provided by social and human sciences, produce solutions to the problems of the society and have the competence to contribute to science at a universal level, and the most importantly put their knowledge into practice.

Another mission of Bursa Uludag University Faculty of Theology is to train scientists equipped with the knowledge of history, culture and literature, especially the religious sciences and humanities, which are needed by our age. Bursa has hosted ancient civilizations, became the capital of the Ottoman Empire, raised many scientists with its Sultaniye madrasahs and has a scientific and spiritual atmosphere thanks to scholars, man of letters and artists such as Molla Fenârî, Hocazâde, Âşık Pasha. This atmosphere provides students with the opportunity to take part in activities that build awareness of civilization and develop their scientific, literary identities and artistic aspects, inspired by this cultural heritage.


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