A Visit to Kosovo
 A Visit to Kosovo

Prof. Dr. Yaşar Aydınlı (dean), Assoc. Prof. Recep Cici (vice dean), Assoc. Prof. Enver Uysal (vice dean), Prof. Dr. Adem Apak and Sead Paqarizi (co-editor of Journal of Balkan Studies) paid a formal visit to Kosovo and Makedonia on 21-23th November 2012. The delegation visited Naim Terneva, the mufti of Kosovo, and Prof. Dr. Qazim Qazimi the dean of the faculty of Islamic Studies at University of Prishtinë on 22 th November.

On 23th November, the delegation visited İdris Keskin, the coordinator for Directorate of Religious Affairs, and Lutfi Balik, the mufti of Prizren. The following day, some civil institutions was visited.


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