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The Department of Sociology at Uludağ University offers a comprehensive program that prepares students to reflect on and engage with the complexities of life surrounding us. The undergraduate curriculum provides training not only in the theoretical and methodological foundations of sociology but also offers a wide variety of elective classes to invite students to approach various social phenomena using sociological and critical perspectives. Upon graduation, our students are expected to become knowledgeable and enthusiastic citizens engaging with various aspects of professional life. 


With a young and vibrant community of scholars, our department also offers breadth and depth for professional training at the graduate level. Our faculty specializes in various fields such as sociology of work, critical media studies, political sociology, sociology of religion, science and technology studies, sociological theory, historical sociology, and migration. 


Increasing its international footprint, the department also strongly encourages its faculty as well as its students at the undergraduate and graduate level for participating international programs.

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