Erasmus Courses

Fall Semester

(Course Name, Lecturer, Course ID)

  1. Basic Subjects in the Qur’anic Sciences, Abdulhamit BİRIŞIK, ILH3117
  2. Christology, Kemal ATAMAN, ILH3119
  3. Introduction to Islamic Theology, U. Murat KILAVUZ (Veysel Kaya), ILH3121
  4. Introduction to Sufism, Salih ÇİFT, ILH3123
  5. Schools of Thought in Islamic Philosophy, İsmail ÇETİN, ILH3127
  6. Islam and Education, Turgay GÜNDÜZ, ILH3137
  7. Sectarianism in the Muslim Tradition, Mehmet ÇELENK, ILH4151
  8. Major Themes of the Qur’an, Abdülhamit BİRIŞIK, ILH4153
  9. Selected Topics in Islam, Bülent ŞENAY, ILH4155


Spring Semester

(Course Name, Lecturer, Course ID)

  1. Faith and Reason in Islamic Theology, İsmail ÇETİN, ILH3126
  2. Contemporary religious Movements in the Islamic World, Mehmet ÇELENK, ILH3130
  3. Islam and Mysticism, Salih ÇİFT, ILH3136
  4. Selected Readings in Islamic Thought, Bülent ŞENAY, ILH3138
  5. The Sufi Orders in Islam, Abdurrezzak TEK, ILH4182
  6. Islam in Modern World, Kemal ATAMAN, ILH4186

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