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Studying abroad means you will encounter an education system which may be slightly different from the one in your country. The faculty exchange programme between the Faculty of Theology - Uludag University and other partner institutions provides study opportunity for a term-based visit. The period of study is a minimum of 3 months/one semester.

The exchange programme for undergraduate students opens the possibility for foreign students to study in Bursa and for Bursa students to do the same in the host university. Qualified students from each institution will be considered for acceptance at the other as non-degree candidates. They will continue as candidates for degrees of their home institution and will be given a certificate by the host institution stating which courses they have attended. Participating students shall pursue a programme developed in consultation with the home institution and which is not in conflict with the regulations of the host institution.

Combination of subjects:

Different possibilities to combine subjects are described in the general study prescriptions.

"Islamic studies" concentrate on the development of Islamic culture and societies, in the past and present, by means of philological, historical as well as sociological methods of approach. This includes the necessity to work with methodologies provided by disciplines like "social sciences", "comparative studies", "political science" etc.

Learning objective:

The student is expected to acquire the ability to deal with questions in "Islamic studies" using scientific methods and to gain the necessary language skills and general knowledge in the fields of interest on which "Islamic studies" concentrate. Students who study "Islamic studies" as a major subject should be able to gain fluency in at least one oriental language and should be able to undertake research in it.

Accommodation facilities:

Along with your application for study you may apply for student accommodation. There are different types of housing available. You can either live in one of the Halls of Residence in the University Main Campus or rent a room in town most of which will be in apartments shared with Turkish students. Accommodation costs are between EUR 160 (Halls) and EUR 200 (private accommodation). The renting period is one or two semesters. The average living costs in Bursa are between EUR 350 and EUR 450 per month including accommodation costs.

Academics or students who is interested in studying at our faculty under the Erasmus Exchange Programme are advised to be in touch with the Uludag University International Relations Office and to follow its website.

University International Relations Office:

Address: Uludağ Üniversitesi Rektörlük Uluslararası İlişkiler Ofisi 16059 Görükle / BURSA-TÜRKİYE

Tel: +90 224 294 00 72    Fax: +90 224 294 00 80

Web: http://intoffice.uludag.edu.tr

Email: intoffice@uludag.edu.tr

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