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Dean's Message

Highly esteemed faculty members and my research assistant friends,

Our faculty is one of the biggest faculties of the Uludağ University composed of 7 departments, 12000 students and 170 staff. Our faculty was inaugurated in 1975 and with its numerous graduates has a prestigious position both in academic and business community.

Faculty administration’s goal is carrying our faculty to a more prestigious position in Turkey and to be take place among internationally recognized faculties.

Initially, we plan to improve our educational quality. To this end we will revise teaching methods and contents of the courses and will inaugurate many programs in English.  Another goal is to make our physical infrastructure sufficient for the use of visual methods in lectures. We will increase number of our faculty members by employing new and qualified lecturers. We will eliminate academic personals’ worries about future. Working together with the rectorate, we will solve the problems about number of academic staff.

In terms of the efforts for internationalization of Turkish universities, while increasing the number of foreign students in our faculty, we will ease our academic staff’s activities in abroad in accordance with Mevlana, Erasmus, Erasmus+ and bilateral protocols with foreign universities and we will increase the number of foreign academic staff.

We want to increase the number of projects coordinated with TÜBİTAK, BAP and foreign counterparts and we are working on the projects that will allow our faculty to have its own circulating capital.

By increasing the number of national panels and international conferences we foresee to make our faculty recognized both in the country and abroad. Besides, we foresee to organize academic meetings and round table talks which our staff could participate and also foresee to provide necessary physical and financial requirements for academic staff of other universities working on same areas to join these meetings.

We plan to upgrade our faculty’s physical infrastructure to the international standards. To this end, we plan to change platforms of classes and make them suitable for lecturing with computers. We think to convert some huge classes to lecture rooms (in amphitheatre format) and landscape the Love Square for a more modern view. By doing so, we wish a faculty that both our staff and our students enjoy more and feel happier.

Dear students,

 As faculty members of Uludağ University Faculty of Economicis Administrative Science, we see you as our own children and brothers/sisters and we love you. With these feelings, our main goal is to graduate you with a better education and your happiness. We want to ensure you to be proud of being a Faculty of Economicis Administrative Science graduate. By ensuring our faculty to take place among Turkey’s and world’s prestigious faculties, we want to increase the value of your diplomas. To make our faculty work in accordance with this goal, we are ready to take your constructive criticisms into account and to achieve this goal, we want to work together with you. We want you to graduate as individuals with self-confidence, without worries about future and individuals who can think critically. We are aware of how an educational institution in world standards should be. By improving our educational quality and increasing the prestige of our faculty we will make you more esteemed individuals.

Best regards

Prof. Dr. Tayyar Arı