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The logo of Vocational School of Health Services is circular. The font used is significant for its legibility and plainness. The script and the symbols were used together in a circle in a way to provide a unity with each other.

The torch in the middle of the U.U. logo and the snake intertwining the torch are the main figures constituting the logo. The logo differs from the others in the yellow color of the torch which highlights the significance of education, science, and success.

The burning torch symbolizes the civilization and enlightment of science. The red flame of the torch symbolizes the color of our flag. It also expresses determination, vividness, and dynamism.

A figure of a pillar intertwined with a snake was used as the symbol of the science of medicine in the most prominent health center of its age, which was established in Bergama 2400 years ago. The venom of snakes was considered to be able to cure diseases since the ancient times. Furthermore, it was described that it was the snake protecting the tree of life which was believed to be the source of life in the ancient times. A snake figure is an example of precaution and foresightedness. It also means doctor-patient confidentiality and keeping on doing your job silently and calmly.

The symbol of snake was first accepted as the symbol of the Turkish Medical Association with Ord. Prof. Dr. Süheyl Ünver’s recommendation in 1937 and it was also accepted as the symbol of World Medicine in 1956. While Medicine uses the symbol of a snake intertwined with a staff, the Vocational School of Health Services has the symbol of a snake intertwining with a torch. That’s the reason why the symbol of the snake was accepted as he symbol of Vocational School of Health Services, education and enlightment were fortified with the torch.

It is seen that the university logo featuring the colors representing world-renowned İznik tiles and octagonal geometric shapes which are also present in the Sultan’s lounge of the Green Mosque does not fit in the circular area. It has the meaning of the potential of our university which is full of scientific and social activities and how it inspires our vocational school.

The background color represents self-confidence and success.

With these studies, the need to change the logo the Vocational School of Health Services has used so far has emerged through reassessment with up-to-date approaches in line with today’s standards. To sum up, institutional logo aims to represent the identity and the culture of the institution the best.

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