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                                                           DEPARTMENT OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS                                                            



Medium of Instruction              : Turkish and English

Undergraduate                           : Formal Education in IR
                                                         Evening Education in IR
                                                         English-language Program in IR    

Master                                          : Master's Program with Thesis
                                                         Non-Thesis Master's Program

Doktora                                        : PhD Program in IR
                                                         PhD Program in Middle Eastern Studies



The Department of International Relations, established as a part of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science of Uludağ University and begun to receive bachelor students in 1982, has thousands of graduates today. In our department, there are two Turkish-language Undergraduate Programs in IR, one of which is the formal education and the other is the evening education. Moreover, our department has also an English-language Undergraduate program in IR. At the graduate level, our department has a master’s program with thesis and a non-thesis master program in IR as well as two PhD programs as international relations and middle eastern studies. In this context, aims of our department are to comprehend the issues in international politics by giving special emphasis to Turkish Foreign Policy, to grasp Turkey’s national interests, and to enlighten scientists and public opinion in this direction.

Parallel to the enlargement in the meaning of international relations together with the globalization process, the program of the department is being continuously updated. In this sense, the students are provided with the necessary abilities for their carrier plans both by compulsory and selective courses in bachelor, master and PhD level.

In the department, there are 1,400 attending students in bachelor’s level, 37 in master’s level, and 21 in PhD level. Since its establishment, the department has 7,000 bachelor, 102 master and 46 PhD graduates, working in public and private sector, and in academic arena in Turkey and abroad.



As a department, we have devoted ourselves to educate patriotic individuals who have global concerns, equipped with modern knowledge and culture; have abilities in communicating, researching, analyzing, coping with the problems, have leadership features, making research and have a duty to transfer the findings to the people in global standards.



Our vision is to be an institution that gives high quality education in international relations, making international academic productions, continuously modernizing itself, making contributions for public in national and global level, whose specialists and products are accepted as precious references.  Being devoted to this vision, at present there are eleven members in teaching staff, eight research assistants and thirteen project assistants on duty. Another objective of the department is to educate specialists primarily for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other related Ministries, and managers who are open-minded, have problem solving abilities, and vision to work for private sector.




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