RedHat Academy and other Academy Programs!
 RedHat Academy and other Academy Programs!

For those related to RedHat Academy Platform, click here.

In addition, we have realized the following collaborations. Currently, students can access and actively use these programs.

RedHat Academy (Free access to courses worth $2000 each, discounts on exams, etc.)

Oracle Academy (Provides access to courses, programs and free cloud. We have a quota of 200 people, it also provides discounts for exams.)

AWS Academy (Free access to courses and resources, free cloud and discounts on exams.)

VMware IT Academy (Free access to trainings and products, discounts on exams.)

Jetbrains Classroom (They opened all their programs to us. Apart from that, we have 200 seats for Team vehicles.)

Visual Paradigm (We have unlimited use of the most famous UML design tool.)

IBM Academy (Currently we have cloud rights but oracle is better)

Palo Alto Academy (Provides free lessons and resources in the field of Security.)

Xilinx Academy

Cisco Academy


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