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Approximately 80 foreign students from 14 countries are studying in the Biology department.






Hi! My name is Muhammad Asad Kamran. I am from Pakistan and a Biology student at Uludag University since 2014. Prior coming to the university honestly I was reluctant to pursue my studies here because of the medium of instruction offered in our department but as soon as studies started, all my worries were gone due to the friendly environment. Our university and faculty are adorned with lush green trees and plantations reflecting its breathtaking view. I opted for the biology department because of my keen interest and passion towards it and to be honest I really loved being in this department. Our professors are very helpful, kind, warm-hearted, affectionate and encouraging. They helped me and other foreign friends throughout the courses especially during my first year. They assisted me to get through the language barrier that I was facing at that time and credit also goes to my Turkish friends for the act of great hospitality, friendship and enthusiasm. They treated me with an utmost care and helped me to improve my language skills. Our biology department is equipped with latest tools and technologies for research and education purpose. Every student gets a chance to utilize and spend their time in research laboratories as they wish as long as it is for learning purposes. The best thing of our department is that every foreign student is provided with a guiding teacher who helps them in their studies by organizing extra classes when required. We have clubs for biologists and foreign students which play a significant role in conducting different field trips, gatherings, cultural shows, traditional food festivals etc. In the end I would recommend Uludag University for the students who desire to continue their studies in biological sciences.


I'm Ayşegül sali. I from Greece this is my 3rd year at the Uludag University. I am studying biology. It was my choice when I was preparing for the exams. Firstly I want to talk about the city of Bursa. The city is called Green Bursa because of the amount of trees covering the city. Mount Uludag is the most famous attraction in the city. Apart from the mountain there are lots of ancient sights in the city dating back to Ottoman Empire. Uludag university is among the most advanced universities of turkey and has a  very good global ranking. Campus is just outside the city covered with plants and trees, and  every department is at  walking distance. My department is located in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. There are lots of research laboratories in the department to make experiments more fun, enjoyable and educational. We with other friends work together with our teachers and laboratory assistants in their labs. Our courses are little bit difficult but you can be successful when you revise the subjects day to day. There are currently 63 international students studying at the biology department, we are hoping that our number will increase in the near future

Thanks for all.


My name is Ahmed Ali and I am from Pakistan. I am studying biology in Uludag University, biology was my first choice to study. I am really happy to be part of Uludag University as a student , this is almost my fifth year in turkey , one year I studied Turkish language after that I started my department. Now I am in fourth year and I am looking forward for further studies maybe because of my teachers and university's environment. I love this atmosphere. Teachers are very helpful and kind. They always help students in their studies and especially to the foreigners. In biology department there are research labs and working rooms for students. I am expecting a lot from my department I love research work in laboratories


My name is Sufia Ummi Fadhal, I’m from Indonesia. I consider myself very lucky for being a part of Uludag University. Although at first I found it difficult to study biology in Turkish language but the struggle gave me more strength for self-development and I also took it as a new challenge to my life journey. Besides that, our department has the modern laboratories and best lecturers who were very helpful to build my understanding in learning the concepts of biology. These essential will surely increase and boost confidence for my future career later on. And the last thing that I really want to mention about is the city, Bursa. This historical city has a very unique way to show its beauty. For me, Bursa will always be my second home.


My name is Rodrigo Hernández, I’m from Mexico and I am 24 years old. I have been living in Turkey for almost 5 years. I’m an undergraduate student in Biology department, at Uludag University. My first year in Turkey was very difficult due to the Turkish language and adaptation to the new culture; however I have to say that from the personal point of view, it was really an enriching experience. I can proudly say that I have got a very good education throughout these 4 years in Biology department. Professors have been very helpful, especially Sevcan Hoca, who helped me and supported me a lot. On the other side, I would say thanks to Elif Hoca, who has shown a lot of support and comprehension though my Turkish level. In general, I can say that I’m very happy with the welcoming atmosphere by all the staff in my department. Most of my classmates are very helpful and they show a big interest in learning about new cultures and new languages.  Thanks to all this, my adaptation to the new country and new culture was so much easier. I’m very happy in my faculty and the laboratories have got a very good equipment to have a good education.


My name is Houcine Bouras. I am from Algeria and a student of 4th year in biology department at Uludag University. Haven’t we all had the experience? Maybe it was in our backyard as a kid or hiking outdoors. Maybe it was while dissecting in biology lab or watching the Discovery channel on TV. At some point I discovered that I was fascinated by living systems so for that reason I decided to go with biology and selected it as my future career. In the Department of Biology at Uludag University, we with our professors share our fascination with the natural world. I believe that the study of biology will prepare us for a variety of careers where we can make a difference in the world and also reach our potential while celebrating the study of life. We work in different research laboratories equipped with latest tools and technologies under the supervision of our helpful and kind professors and lab assistants. Our department is a place where we are taken care of when we face hardship as foreigners. I am glad to be a part of Uludag University and I would surely recommend it to others especially to those who want to pursue their careers in biological sciences. 


I'm Algesa Halilaj. I from Albania and it is my 4th year at  the Uludag University. I am currently enrolled in Biology Department. Biology was my favorite subject when I was in high school. There are lots of research laboratories available to the students in the department, to make experiments more fun, enjoyable and educational students are allowed to use laboratory tools under the supervision of lab assistant. We with other  foreign friends work together with our professors. Our courses are bit difficult but our teachers are so kind and helpful that they made us get through difficult courses without any hesitation.There are currently 63  students from various countries studying at the biology department, it allowed me to interact with different people having distinct cultures.


My name is Raqib Ullah. I am from Bangladesh and a newcomer in biology department at Uludag University. I have been in turkey since last two years. In 2016 I completed my Turkish language course in Istanbul and after that when I was required to apply for universities, one of my friend approached me and suggested me to select Uludag University because he was also studying there at that time and was satisfied with the academic staff and courses so I went for biology department due to my interest and started my studies in 2017. Now it’s my first year. I really liked the atmosphere of our department, it’s friendly and supportive. Our teachers are helpful and kind. They assist me and other foreign friends in studies even they provide extra classes for those students who are weak in their studies. Laboratories in our department are amazing; they are equipped with latest tools, every student gets to work with microscopes. I would suggest biology department in Uludag University for students who wish to pursue their career in biological sciences.


My name is Taha CHEGMA I'm from Algeria. I am studying biology this is my 4th year in Uludag University, biology was my first choice because Biology is important to everyday life because it allows humans to better understand their bodies, their resources and potential threats in the environment. Biology is the study of all living things, so it helps people to understand every organism alive. I made my choice to Uludag University, Turkey's leader in laboratory technology, the professors and education staffs are the best because of their way to facilitating science to students.



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