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With the institutional culture and multidisciplinary education infrastructure that brings engineering science and Economics together, to train individuals who can act as managers at national and international levels in their field of study, and to provide and continue to be a pioneering education and research institution among similar institutions.



Raising contemporary and analytical thinking individuals, contributing to the development of science and technology in the field, through education and research, in order to realize the use of natural resources in the light of economics, including input procurement, production, distribution and consumption related to agricultural-based goods and services and implementation is one of the main tasks of the Department of Agricultural Economics.

In this context, one of the main functions of the Department of Agricultural Economics is to carry out undergraduate and graduate programs in order to raise individuals who are equipped with contemporary knowledge and skills, know economic problems in the fields of agriculture, agriculture-based industries (especially food industry), natural resources and environment, and can produce scientific solutions to these problems.

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