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Our Aim

Our aim is to secure the necessary measures for facilitating the educational lives and social participation of the disabled students of Bursa Uludağ University. We provide special support for the students who experience difficulties in their educational and social lives due to loss of their physical, mental and psychological skills at various levels as a result of congenital or acquired diseases/accidents.

Who Are We?

BUU Disability Center was founded in 2006. It is affiliated to the Vice Rector and the stakeholders are all Head Offices, academic and administrative staff and all the disabled students.

Our Policy Our policy is to take the necessary measures for the solution of the disabled students’ accessibility and discrimination problems and facilitating equality in their participation to social life based on volunteering, participation, personal privacy and universal policies. We provide equality and accessibility for our disabled students in educational matters, physical conditions and participation in social life.

Support Services

* Evaluation of the physical structure and accessibility of the university campus,

* Providing suitable learning environment (examinations, assistant service, reading sources, etc.) for the disabled students,

* Contributing to the integration of the disabled students to social life,

* Contributing to disabled students draw out a personal improvement plan,

* Organizing awareness courses on disability,

* Guiding the students to related fellowship and psychological counseling opportunities,

* Carrying out academic research on disability.

Support Procedure

* Students’ voluntary application,

* Scheduling private meetings for the students,

* Meeting one-on-one with the student and protecting the privacy,

* Keeping the records of meeting subjects by date and result,

* Offering advice to the students as solution or providing information in the next meeting after making necessary meetings,

* Keeping students’ contact info confidential,

* Scheduling the next meeting



Prof. Dr.Ferudun YILMAZ  (Vice Rector)

Academic Members:

Lec. Dr. Sıdıka PARLAK (Coordinator)


Ms. Özlem AYDOĞAN (Office Manager)


Ms. Cemile TERZİ (Office Assistant Manager)

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