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Department of Philosophy at Uludag University/Bursa, which was primarily founded in
1990, has been continuing its development with the contributions of 6 Prof. Dr.s, 1
Assoc. Professor, 3 Assist. Proffessors, 1 research assistant carrying doctorate degree, 3
research assistants and finally 1 ÖYP (Teaching Staff Training Program) research
assistant on BA Courses (started in 2010-2011 academic year)
together with doctorate and post graduate programs (from 2004); some of the research
assistants within the body of Teaching Staff Training Program are already employed on
that aim of giving education.     

The main goal of the Department is give the main fields of problems in philosophy to the
students throughout its past, thus to make the students gain a sense of problem-
analyzing, and also direct the students to go further to the main problems of our time
with a sense of right-evaluation for the philosophical views in consciousness. Additionally
the foregoing aim and the mission of Department is also to develop students’
consciousness for problems and problem-analyzing, and to show philosophical views
forming our era by putting a connection between the past and intellectual life of our
modern time with the help of philosophical equipment’s already gained and accumulated.
The mission of the Department is to form a platform with proper people comprising the
individuals to detect the cultural, ethical and public problems of our time and to find
solutions with a critical point of views for those problems. So, in that sense, the activities
of our Department of Philosophy at Uludag University not only depend on the academic
teaching of philosophy but also carry out its mission regarding the social aspects; in
addition to offering BA education and post-graduate studies together with Erasmus
programs aimed for abroad and inland Farabi exchange programs; the philosophy
department also publishes its periodical philosophy journal KAYGI issued twice a year,
which is searched and scanned by TR Dizin. We also hold many meetings and seminars under the supervision of
UFED (Uludag Philosophy Union). We try to make philosophy gain a widespread interest
on social platforms; we also collaborate with civil society organizations.

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