2021 April

CONTENTS (April 2021 - VOL. 15, NO.43)

Determination of Enteric Methane Emissions from Cattle Production by Using Tier-2 Method (Original Research Article)

Büşra Yaylı* and İlker Kılıç

Treatment of Ammonia from Animal Barns by Using Biofilter (Original Research Article)

İlker Kılıç*

Foliar Concentrations of Some Crops Grown in Kano, Nigeria (Original Research Article)

Safianu Rabiu*, Bala Zayyanu Manga and Bala Nura Manga

Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness of Weed Flaming in Orchards (Original Research Article)

Selçuk Arslan* and Nihat Tursun

The Importance of Interview on The Land Consolidation Projects: The Case Study in Kesik Village (Original Research Article)

Müge Kirmikil*, Bilge Terzioğlu and Aleyna Durgut


Anasayfaya Dön

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