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Scientists who want to send articles to our journal can send the articles they prepared according to the article template, the document showing that the plagiarism rate is below 20% and the copyright transfer form to our e-mail (fenbildergisi@gmail.com).

In the evaluation of the articles sent to our journal, the Double Blind method applied to publish scientific publications with the highest quality is used. In these methods, the authors of the article authors and referees are kept secret.

The articles sent to our journal are checked for compliance with the spelling rules by the editor and the field editors, and the studies that do not comply with the rules are not sent to the referee.

No information should be written about the identity of the author in the articles to be sent to our journal. The information about the authors of the articles that are deemed appropriate to be published after the referee evaluation should be added by the authors during the correction of the articles.

Articles that are in compliance with the principles of spelling and publishing are directed to the referees for scientific evaluation. Scientific evaluation is carried out by at least two referees. Referees are selected by the editors of the field from the specialty they belong to.

Scientific evaluation period is 4 weeks. The referee who does not send his assessment after this period is replaced with a new referee.

In scientific evaluation, articles that receive the publishable evaluation from both referees are entitled to be published. The study, which receives a positive negative referee report, is sent to a third referee and whether or not the study is published is determined in accordance with the third referee's report.As a result of the scientific evaluation, correction suggestions and evaluation forms of the referees are shared with the authors.

Correction suggestions from reviewers or editors must be completed by the authors within 1 month. Referees may want to see the work they want correction once again before it is published.Referees can decide the suitability of a study by examining its corrections, and may request corrections more than once if necessary.

The authors of the study can object to the referee reports in the light of convincing data. The objections are examined by the editors of the field and if deemed appropriate, the opinions of a different referee can be consulted.

•  The editors of the magazines rigorously follow the corrections given by the referees. Accordingly, editors may decide to publish or reject the manuscript.

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