Faculty of Arts and Science was founded in 1983 and in the same year, education started in the departments of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The faculty moved to Görükle Campus in 1984. The Social departments Philosophy, Sociology, History, Turkish Language and Literature are opened in 1989; Archaeology and Art History together with Psychology departments are opened in 1993. In 1999, Archaeology and Art History divided into two separate departments. In the academic year 1999-2000, Department of Art History started to take students. Following that, Psychology in 2000-2001, Archaeology in 2008-2009, started to take students. Finally, Departments of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Geography and Statistics was established in 2011. Social and science departments continue their activities in A, B, C, E, F and G buildings in Görükle Campus, which is the main campus. Second education has been given in all science departments and in the departments of History and Turkish Language and Literature. Faculty of Arts and Science, having the maximum number of programs amongst existing 15 faculties of Uludag University, education has been given in 13 regular and 2 evening departments. Faculty of Arts and Science has about 6000 students, 208 lecturers, together with 49 administrative and 32 auxiliary staff.

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