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Uludag Journal of Economy and Society is an international academic journal which has been publishing since 1982. It is published twice a year – as two issues- in June and December. The Journal is published as an online academic journal and indexed in many important databases, notably the ProQuest

Besides, the journal includes both Turkish and English articles studied in different disciplines in the field of economics and administrative sciences to contribute to the related studies in Turkey as well as all around the world. In this way, the journal may include unique and qualified articles as well as critical studies, book reviews and exemplary case studies in the field of economics and administrative sciences. The journal is also open to admit qualified studies of undergraduate and graduate students.

Turkish and English studies submitted to the journal are controlled by the editorial board in terms of style and content, and then sended to the approval of referees. Each study is controlled by two relevant referees. In this point, a possible rejection of one of these two referees led the study to send for a third referee’s evaluation. Responsibility of the articles published in the journal is belonging to the author, while the copyright reserved by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Uludag University.   


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