The Field Crops Department was established in 1981 in Bursa Agricultural Vocational High School and started to receive its first students in 1982. The number of faculty members, which was 6 in the year it was founded, increased to 12 in 2012. Our department continued its education and training in Tezok Campus between 1985-95 and moved to Görükle Campus since 1996.


The Field Crops Department, is part representing the most widely vegetable production in Turkey. This department offers theoretical and applied courses in the fields of variety development, biotechnology and tissue culture.

Also, This Department consist,

Cool Climate and Warm Climate Grains Improvement and Breading

Forage Crops and Meadow-Pasture

Edible Grain Legumes Improvement and Breading

Grass Plants Improvement and Breading

Industrial Plants Improvement and Breading

Medicinal and Aromatic Plants  Improvement and Breading

branches of science.


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