Performance-based Support to ULUTEK Firms

Prof Dr İrfan Karagöz, General Manager of ULUTEK Technology Development Zone, said that the attractiveness of the region increased with the rental incentive system based on the performance of the companies.

The companies in the ULUTEK Technopark Region came together at the online meeting. At the meeting, ULUTEK Technology Development Zone Executive Inc. General Manager, Bursa Uludağ University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. İrfan Karagöz, who gave information about the supports such as the rent incentive system received by the ULUTEK Technology Development Zone Management Board, also listened to the suggestions and expectations of the representatives of the member companies. Prof. Dr. Irfan Karagoz said "located in Turkey, compared to 15 percent increase in other technology zones Ulutek was kept to a minimum in the region". 


Noting that 37 member companies are entitled to a discount within the scope of the rental incentive practice implemented in 2020, ULUTEK General Manager Prof Dr İrfan Karagöz said, “In ULUTEK, which has become a center of attraction for R&D and innovation-based initiatives and where all workplaces are occupied, the rent increase is below the average, We set it as 10. In particular, we will continue to focus on our practices aimed at increasing the performance of our companies. Last year, we applied discounts of up to 30 percent to 37 companies with high number of projects, patents, turnover and exports. More of our members can reduce their expenses by taking advantage of these supports. We will increase our efforts, where we can contribute to increase the revenues of our companies. "We need to plan together on what we can do to increase your performance and effectively market your products," he said.



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Publish Date : [15-Mar-2021]

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