The quarter-century-old dream has come true,


The principle of 'Having an International Vision and Current Qualifications, one of the top founding missions of our university, is being attempted with different goals and methods within the past 44 years.

In line with this understanding, a contemporary education and training approach is applied in our faculties, vocational schools, and other educational institutions. On the other hand, it is aimed to convey the best information to our students by supporting the professional knowledge developed and updated with technology with theoretical training.

Bursa Uludag University is carrying on education and training activities in the departments and programs and closely following all developments in the fields to their validity and importance in the world literature.

In line with these goals and developments, after my team and I took over the management, we rolled up to activate the Faculty of Dentistry by the academic year of 2020-2021, which could not start educational activities so far for a number of reasons, although it had been founded earlier.

Several individual meetings were held with the relevant departments of the State and the Council of Higher Education, where our projects and plans were conveyed in detail.  After all, we received the promise that our faculty could start education.


We are pleased, proud, and so excited ...


With the approval of the Council of Higher Education, BUU Faculty of Dentistry will be able to give start education at 2020-2021 Academic Year. All academic and administrative infrastructure works are completed. We declared the first academic staff announcement in November 2019. One of the experienced academicians of our Faculty of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Halil Sağlam, has been appointed as the founding dean. On this occasion, I wish him success in his great responsibility. I would also like to thank the managers and staff of the Oral and Dental Health Hospital of Bursa, where our faculty will work in an integrated manner in the first place, for their support. I believe that dialogue channels and bilateral consultations will assist in resolving possible facing issues we could encounter in this process. Additionally, I would thank my team workers who collaborated this process with intensive work in Ankara and the Council of Higher Education.


We promise!


We will ensure that our Faculty of Dentistry, which we have made great efforts to activate, will fill a gap in dental education and patient service in the real sense. We will act with a mission spearheading the satisfaction of needs in this area in the Southern Marmara Region.


We are using our best endeavors with our managers and young, strong, competent, and dynamic academic and administrative staff to open our faculty to the public and our students by the next academic year.

During the establishment process, a structure that works thoroughly and devotedly in "Service, Research and Education" is formed. We are settling a service area that will be proud to meet the needs of the region and Turkey.

We interiorize a student-oriented education approach and design the education accordingly. We will closely follow the development processes of the students and directly intervene in the missing points. We will create a fiction that facilitates a holistic approach to information, problems, and solutions from the 1st grade to graduation in education planning.

I hope that the Faculty of Dentistry, which we have brought to our university with great devotion and efforts, will bring blessings to our students, the academic community, city, region, country, and humanity.


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Kılavuz


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