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The Director's Message

Dear Students;

It’s crucial for a person to be mentally and physically healthy so as to be successful in all aspects of his life. Having nutrient-rich food and doing regular exercise are significant. Likewise, it’s vital to know how to keep healthy to recuperate. Doctors and nurses play important roles in hospitals.   What technicians employed in hospitals do is really massive, as well. Correct diagnosis and treatment work well with the fully-equipped health technicians’ help. That’s the reason why fully-equipped and skillful health technicians are highly preferable.

Uludağ University, Vocational School of Health Services was established in 1985. Medical Documentation and Secretarial Skills, Medical Imaging Techniques, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Anesthesia, Emergency and First Aid are the five programs training health technicians in different fields required by health organizations. Vocational School of Health Services has been training fully-equipped and conscious health technicians for the health sector since the day it was founded. As the academic and administrative staff in Vocational School of Health Services, our main purpose is to help students graduate as fully-equipped, qualified, knowledgeable technicians, who can reflect their positive characters on what they do.

Therefore, I welcome and congratulate the students for choosing Vocational School of Health Services. I hope you will contribute to the reputation of Uludağ University by reflecting your contemporary, scientific knowledge and skills you will have at the end of this two-year training process on your job.

Yours Sincerely,

Prof.Dr.Ufuk ŞEKİR
The Director

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