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Turkish Proficiency Exam Application


Exam Results will be published on our website a day later.

Documents required for application:

1. Photocopy of identity / passport

2. 2 passport size photos

3. Bank Statement

4. Application Form

In order to participate in the examination, the following must be done by the candidate:

1. Application Form: Forms Uludağ University Turkish Instruction Application and Research Center Student Affairs Office

(Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences C Block Ground Floor Student Affairs Office - Görükle Campus).

2. Examination Fee Payment: Uludağ University Turkish Instruction Application and Research Center Revolving Fund Halkbank Uludağ University Branch

IBAN NO: TR 04 0001 2001 3290 0006 0001 07 will be paid 300 TL (three hundred) (exam fee will be 375 TL as of September 2017) with the explanation of "Turkish Proficiency Examination Fee". The memo will be added to the form.

3. Examination Entrance Document: 2 copies of photographs and passport photocopy are required for examination entrance document.

4. Exam Level: B1 (optional) B2-C1 level exam for four language skills (Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Listening, Speaking).

5. Certificate of Achievement: Those who succeed in the examination will be given a Certificate of Proficiency in Turkish by Uludağ University Turkish Instruction Application and Research Center.

Note: Students who do not take the exam (report) proficiency exam can not make the examination fee when they do the exam application.

Uludağ University Turkish Teaching Practice and Research Center 16059 Nilüfer / Görükle Director of the Center: 0 (224) 294 29 76 Fax: 0 (224) 294 28 06 Mail: ulutomer@uludag.edu.tr